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Monday, October 24, 2011

trouble is a friend


seems like the title same as a title of a song rite?
hehe..i dont wanna post a song here..
juz wanna share some story wif u guys..

ermmm....actually i just heard a sad story from my friend..uhuk3
his story not so different from mine...i feel kinda sad..really..
a friend share some problem wif me..and the problem same as mine..
i really dunno how to help him..coz i dunno how to help myself either...
dear friend..as long we have each other..we just can keep going on...
we share the same pain...why dont we share the same happiness?
i hope i can give u some happiness...so that u can forget bout ur problems..
thats the ways i encounter mine...so,cheer up dude..life would be boring without problems..huhuhu

hope i can help u..just tell me whatever u need..i'll try my best to help u out..huhu..
chill out!!

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